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Bellabeat Smart Jewelry of the Future

Bellabeat Smart Jewelry of the Future

Starting with an innovative spherical wooden device designed for pregnant women to record and listen to a baby’s heartbeat from inside the womb. Bellabeat’s co-founder Urška Sršen and her creative team wanted to take their skills a step further in women’s health and design a revolutionary piece of smart jewelry.

The Leaf, a stylish addition to any woman’s jewelry collection, has the ability to track all basic fitness metrics, sleep quality, women’s reproductive cycles, stress levels, meditation training, and has a gentle alarm or reminder setting.

With the launch of the Leaf in 2014, Bellabeat became a top 5 Y-COMBINATOR company in W14 class kickstarting Bellabeat’s worthy success. With a sleek design concept and versatile wear options the user experiences both comfort and the ability to accent their style while still keeping their health in mind.

Available in a variety of trendy designs from rose gold on black wood, to silvers on grays or light wood. Both the Leaf Explorer Nature edition and the Lear Explorer Urban edition have been popular with women around the world. Not surprisingly, the first batch of 10,000 Leaf wearables sold out in an incredible 48 hours!

Made from high-quality materials, the wooden water-resistant case and polished metals come together beautifully and comfortably with the wearability accessories which include a necklace, and double wrap leather bracelet.

The app that accompanies the device is easy to use and offers a detailed insight into wellbeing, sparking an interest in optimal health. The meditation portion of the app takes the user through a variety of guided meditations promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

Bellabeat’s Leaf brings function, elegance, and motivation all packaged in one versatile and eye-catching piece of smart jewelry. Retailing from $120 USD the Leaf can be punched at

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