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Consider the Cirrus Vision SF50 to be the SUV of luxury private jets with its seven-passenger (five adults and two children) capacity and an elaborate safety system. As the first single-engine personal jet to gain a FAA Type Certification, this speedy little jet is not only beautiful but is literally in a class of its own.

Smaller than the average personal jet but certainly as extravagant; Cirrus Aircraft have thought of every detail in this expeditious little jet. With a lush leather interior, large windows for exceptional visibility, numerous USB ports to keep your devices charged and entertaining throughout the flight, and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System; the Cirrus Vision is the perfect family jet.

Enjoyable to fly with its top-mounted jet engine and V-wing design, this little jet boasts 300 knots which is more than enough pep to satisfy performance fanatics. Designed to be flown by the owner, the Cirrus Vision does not require a full-time professional pilot or a full-blown flight department making it simpler to fly and easier to operate and own.

Filling the untapped void between high-performance pistons and the Very Light Jet, the Cirrus Vision revolutionize personal transportation. Featuring side yoke controls, the Cirrus Perspective Touch™ by Garmin® avionics, Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), and single lever FADEC engine control; this aircraft allows you to feel confident in safety and control as well as comfortability.

With a price tag of just under a very reasonable $2 million, the Cirrus Vision reaches buyers at a rate of about one per week. With many pilots moving up from SR-series piston airplanes, Cirrus, the Duluth, Minnesota company has over 600 orders for the sporty little aircraft producing about 300 per year.


  1. Jessica

    Great article. I love that it’s owner operated. Cutting the cost of staff and allowing for longer or shorter stays seems paramount. Without inconviencing a personal pilot who may or may not have had plans, should the owners travel plans change.

    • Diana Daly

      Absolutely, such a beautiful aircraft with the added perk of convenience. Thank you for your comment!


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