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Gresso’s DIVA iPhone 7 / 7Plus

Gresso’s DIVA iPhone 7 / 7Plus

Gresso is at it again with their beautiful DIVA iPhone 7, this stunning phone’s back panel is crafted of titanium, and gorgeously engraved with a sophisticated design. A PVD technology is used to create the phones sleek black finish coating the luxury metal protecting it from scuffs and scratches while adding to the opulence. Each DIVA is handcrafted in a process that can take up to 5 hours to complete, ensuring that the 3g of 18K white or yellow gold inserts are positioned perfectly. The 11 brilliant diamonds are set meticulously by hand totaling 0.01 karats, adding a luxurious multi-faceted shine. This beautiful phone is available for $7000 USD at

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