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Explore the Great Unknown with a Triton Submarine

Explore the Great Unknown with a Triton Submarine

Living a life of affluence means that you have the opportunity to experience the world in a more lavish way than the most. Why not take that advantage of good fortune and truly explore with the Triton submarine. This gorgeous sub is designed for leisure, science, filmmaking, and archaeology with a wide variety of add-ons depending on your desires. Up to the most rigorous safety standards and designed with the most innovative technology and skill, Triton Submarines is dedicated to producing the most advanced and revolutionary deep-diving submersibles available to the leisure market. In Japan, in 2012, a Triton Sub was used to study the behaviour of the Giant Squid impressively completing 47 dives, to a depths as deep as 1,000 meters, logging a total of 250 hours with an incredible 6.5 hours of downtime in one dive. The Triton’s proven record for performance is second to none in the market. Explore the great unknown and become acquainted with marine life with this incredible sub. Pricing and add information available at

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