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Hong Kong Impression Exhibition Unveiled Today

Hong Kong Impression Exhibition Unveiled Today

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, an exhibition entitled “Hong Kong Impression”, jointly presented by the Development Bureau and the Planning Department, will run from today until November 30 at the City Gallery and the adjoining Edinburgh Place, Central.

The exhibition takes inspiration from different artistic movements to interactively showcase how city planning and infrastructure development have shaped Hong Kong as Asia’s world city.

“Liveable Hong Kong” takes inspiration from the Impressionist movement to showcase Hong Kong’s on-going transformation across six different aspects of liveability: housing, places for the community, green and blue spaces, managing water resources, keeping the city moving and connecting with the world.

“Visionary Hong Kong” uses a Postmodernist approach and five interactive models to detail the projects that will keep Hong Kong moving forward as Asia’s World City.

“Cultural Hong Kong” shows the future of the arts through the lens of the West Kowloon Cultural District, where people will be able to visit world-class venues and enjoy a wide array of classic and contemporary visual and performing arts.

“Playful Hong Kong” at Edinburgh Place lets young artists and members of the community express their impressions of the city through digital art, mosaic and play. The exhibition zone features a centrepiece with a “never-ending” surface, echoing the city’s possibilities.

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