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Virgin Group Releases Future Visions Report

Virgin Group Releases Future Visions Report

A new report released by the Virgin Group, Future Visions, explores what the world of business will look like in 20 years. The findings reveal the world we live in will see pre-emptive crime prevention, offices will become extinct and as artificial intelligence rises, so will the need for emotional intelligence.

The report predicts the future will also see the introduction of brain controlled technology which would allow doctors to operate on a patient remotely from anywhere in the world and also give architects the ability to visualise their designs instantly.

Virgin has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 20 years and through the Future Visions research is now helping businesses of today by highlighting what they’ll need to consider tomorrow – creating pioneers of new trends.

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin have brought together six of the greatest futurists, technologists, business pioneers and strategists of today, to consider the best future of tomorrow.

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