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Category: GADGETS

Virgin Group Releases Future Visions Report

A new report released by the Virgin Group, Future Visions, explores what the world of business will look like in 20 years. The findings reveal the world we live in will see pre-emptive crime prevention, offices will become extinct and as artificial intelligence rises, so will the need for emotional intelligence. The report predicts the future will also see the introduction of brain controlled technology which would allow doctors to operate on a patient remotely from anywhere in the world and also give architects the ability to visualise their designs instantly. Virgin has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 20 years and...

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D’Angelico Guitars Marries Modern Aesthetics With Vintage Instruments

Music buffs take note: at this year’s Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN, D’Angelico Guitars is set to show off its 2017 Deluxe Series, new options in its Excel Series, and an all-new line of ukuleles just in time for summer. Also on display will be the Bob Weir Signature SS—which has been on tour with Weir across the country with Dead and Company. Additionally, the Limited Edition Elvis Presley Excel 175 will be on display as an homage to Memphis’ hometown King of Rock and Roll. Committed to being at the forefront of marrying modern aesthetics and construction with...

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Gresso’s DIVA iPhone 7 / 7Plus

Gresso is at it again with their beautiful DIVA iPhone 7, this stunning phone’s back panel is crafted of titanium, and gorgeously engraved with a sophisticated design. A PVD technology is used to create the phones sleek black finish coating the luxury metal protecting it from scuffs and scratches while adding to the opulence. Each DIVA is handcrafted in a process that can take up to 5 hours to complete, ensuring that the 3g of 18K white or yellow gold inserts are positioned perfectly. The 11 brilliant diamonds are set meticulously by hand totaling 0.01 karats, adding a luxurious multi-faceted shine....

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Be a Commanding Presence With The Devon Star Wars Timepiece

With only 500 of the special edition Devon Star Wars timepieces available, this exquisite watch is a must have for the Star Wars enthusiast. Along with its commanding presence, the Devon Star Wars boasts exceptional craftsmanship with a patented system of interwoven Time Belts™ and run by a hybrid electro-mechanical power. Over 350 moving pieces, along with 313 electrical connections, four motors, and four belts; the watch is a wearable technical masterpiece. Falling in line with the pioneering spirit of the original film, Devon has set out to capture adventurous minds and souls. Incorporating key character elements of the ominous...

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Bellabeat Smart Jewelry of the Future

Starting with an innovative spherical wooden device designed for pregnant women to record and listen to a baby’s heartbeat from inside the womb. Bellabeat’s co-founder Urška Sršen and her creative team wanted to take their skills a step further in women’s health and design a revolutionary piece of smart jewelry. The Leaf, a stylish addition to any woman’s jewelry collection, has the ability to track all basic fitness metrics, sleep quality, women’s reproductive cycles, stress levels, meditation training, and has a gentle alarm or reminder setting. With the launch of the Leaf in 2014, Bellabeat became a top 5...

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